Psychic That Was Punched By Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Scams Woman Out Of Her Home

Posted November 5, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Tiffany Ava Mitchell

Stacy, a real estate investor from Connecticut, has had her life thrown upside down when she decided to consult a psychic. She is now having to rent a house to live in after having owned an amazing $6 million mansion and was recently divorced. Although she manages to pay all of her bills, she is nowhere near where she used to be financially speaking. However, the most important thing to 45-year-old Stacy, who did not want to disclose her last name, is her spirituality.

About one year ago, in November of 2012, Stacy realized that she had made the worse decision of her life. While having the television on in her house for background noise one day, the words “Palm Beach psychic” caught her attention.

She turned to look at the television to see what they were talking about and she saw that they were talking about the psychic she had used for the last five years, a psychic named Tiffany Ava Mitchell. They were showing her fighting her way past a large paparazzi group.

“The last I knew, she was this humble, modest, 20-year-old girl from Palm Beach working for God,” Stacy told the New Times. “Then I see her walking down the street in Manhattan in platform shoes and a Louis Vuitton bag.”

The reason Mitchell was in the limelight is because of the altercation she and high profile celebrity Lindsay Lohan had at a hip Chelsea nightclub at 4 a.m. There are two versions of what happened, one states that both Lohan and Mitchell were flirting with the same man, then got in a catfight with each other, the other states that Mitchell offered to give Lohan a free reading, since Lohan can never seem to keep herself out of trouble, and this angered Lohan. Whatever the reason, Lohan ended up punching Mitchell in the face.

When Stacy first heard of this incident with her trusted psychic, she researched Mitchell further and did not like what she found. She soon realized that Mitchell had conducted an elaborate con on her. It was too late for Stacy though, because by then she had already paid Mitchell over $2 million for her psychic services.

As you may know by now, this website is dedicated to exposing psychic cons and we have reported on many psychic scams over the years; I’ve noticed that psychic cons are a big money business in the state of Florida particularly for some reason. Even just very recently, I wrote about the conviction of Rose Marks (14 federal charges), read the story here. Almost all of the psychic fraud cases that end up in the courtroom are always the same: they all have naïve, vulnerable victims, they are all given false stories about previous lives, they all get charged top dollar for “cleansing” rituals, and almost all of the psychics claim to be “friends” with the victim until the money stops coming in.

Stacy met Mitchell in 2006 when her and a friend were on vacation in Palm Beach. They were approached on the street by a young woman who insisted Stacy get a psychic reading and gave her a business card with a phone number on it. Stacy didn’t think much of it at the time but about a year later, she decided to call the number.

“I was looking for guidance,” said Stacy. “I was feeling very unfulfilled in my marriage. What do you do? You don’t know where to go. You have everything that you thought you needed. We had lots of money. I had friends. I had a husband. Yet I just felt an emptiness.”

Soon Stacy’s marriage began to fall apart and she found herself visiting Palm Beach and spending time with Mitchell for months at a time. Mitchell told her that she had a lot of built of negativity inside herself due to previous lives she had lived, including some violent deaths. “The cycle was going to repeat itself,” she was told.

Mitchell told Stacy that if she wanted to get rid of the bad energy, she needed to sell her property and give the money to Mitchell, so that she can donate it to a charity. Stacy was convinced by Mitchell and did as she was asked. “I threw all caution into the wind,” says Stacy. “I trusted her. I thought she really did represent God.”

Stacy realized what a terrible financial decision she had made when her and her husband divorced, and the economy took a drastic nose-dive. When she saw Mitchell on the news, she began to question Mitchell’s authenticity. She started putting two-and-two together and realized that while Stacy was giving her all of her money, Mitchell was spending it all on herself, living an exuberant lifestyle and partying with the rich and famous in expensive Manhattan VIP rooms. Nor only had Mitchell taken all of Stacy’s money from when she sold her house, but now the IRS was knocking at her door too. When the house was sold, Stacy was not required to pay capital gains taxes due to the fact that it was “supposedly” going to a charity, but logically, the government wanted proof of this so that they could file the correct paperwork. Stacy called Mitchell relentlessly between November and February, pleading for her to please get her the proof that the government needed from her, but Mitchell just kept coming up with one excuse after another as to why she did not have it yet. Mitchell eventually just stopped answering Stacy’s calls altogether.

On February 13th, 2013 Stacy filed a police report with the Palm Beach Police but like happens with a lot of psychic scam complaints, the case is just being handed back and forth between different departments.

“We can’t follow up on it because it’s a West Palm Beach case,” said Keith Medeiros, a Palm Beach Detective. “All the money changed hands in West Palm Beach; every time they met, it was in West Palm Beach.”

Mitchell did have two psychic shops, one on Palm Beach and one in West Palm Beach but Stacy states that no one ever told her to file a report with a different police department. She finally figured out that she needed to though and is currently working with both departments. No one knows where Mitchell is currently living at, and her psychic shops are closed. She of course does not return any phone calls.

Stacy now feels worse than before, when she made the decision to see Mitchell. Not only is she suffering the emotional effects of being betrayed by someone she trusted, she is also suffering financially. She owes thousands to the IRS in back taxes and has very little money left in her bank account. “It is embarrassing,” she says.


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