Psychic Sandy Ingham Uses “Da Vinci Code” To Reach The Other Side

Posted August 19, 2013 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sandy Ingham

44-year-old Suzanne Standen was lost in a pit of depression and was unable to shake it, no matter how hard she tried, until she met a woman who would change her life for good. The woman, named Sandy Ingham (66), is a psychic who is able to channel Leonardo Da Vinci’s spirit.

Ingham, who resides in Perranwell Station, believes that Da Vinci’s spirit moves through her hands and assists her in drawing pictures of the deceased.

Ingham states that she has never gone through any sort of artistic training, yet, armed with just a stick of charcoal she is able to draw pictures in detail of deceased family members for her customers. She credits Da Vinci’s spirit for the drawings of family members that her customers quickly recognize. Aside from drawing pictures of spirits that have passed away, she is also able to talk to them because she is a medium.

When Standen first began speaking to Ingham, her father had just passed away and she was also suffering from postnatal depression. She states that consulting Ingham was the only way she was able to recover from her depression.

She said, “After the birth of my son, Daniel, I couldn’t shake the depression. Then, just weeks after he was born, my father Brian died aged 69. It sent me into a spiral of depression.”

“I tried speaking with doctors but nothing worked,” she added.

Standen states that when she entered the room to meet Ingham for her first session, Ingham already had a piece of paper ready on the table.

They began talking, then Ingham turned the sheet of paper over and it already had a drawing of Standen’s deceased father on it. Standen says that the drawing looked like a photograph taken of her father several years ago and was shocked because there was no way Ingham could have ever seen it previously.

“I was blow away,” she said. “And after talking with Sandy I felt my depression lift.”

Ingham gave an interview to the West Briton and she told them that it has only been about 6 years since she learned of her ability to speak with Da Vinci and the spirits of those who have passed away.

“I would go into a trance-like state and start drawing random things on bits of paper,” said Ingham.

Aside from meeting her clients face to face, Ingham also runs an over-the-phone psychic service where customers call her and she will enter herself into a trance then draw a picture of the customers’ deceased loved ones and send it to them.

“Sometimes people do not recognize the drawing but then they’ll show it to their mother or relative and they will say, ‘yes that’s a picture of so and so from 40 years ago’. They’ll pull out an old picture and it’s a splitting image of the one I have drawn. I don’t know what I am drawing.  I close my eyes, put my head down and after five minutes, there it is,” she said.

Ingham is now planning a Cornwall tour.

Of her visits with Ingham, Standen says; “It’s a type of therapy. There are skeptics. But any form of counseling that helps with grief must be good.”


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