Psychic Who Scammed Millions Of Dollars From Oregon Tree Farm Heir Pleads Guilty

Posted October 16, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Rachel Lee

The psychic that was accused of scamming the heir of a tree farm in Oregon out of millions of dollars has plead guilty to conspiracy and tax charges.

On October 14th, 2014, 43-year-old Rachel Lee plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and failing to file personal income taxes.

Court documents show that even though Lee ran and operated psychic businesses in Canby, St. Helens, Portland, and Bend Oregon, she did not use her “psychic skills” to scam money from her victim, a man named Ralph Raines Jr.

The now 67-year-old Raines Jr. met Lee in 2004 while he was taking care of his father who was in bad health due to having had a stroke. Raines Jr. and Sr. lived on a 1,200-acre tree farm that was fully operational and extremely profitable.

Lee eventually became Raines Sr.’s caregiver and moved into the house with them, bringing her daughter Porsha Lee with her, who was a teenager at the time.

It doesn’t seem like Rachel Lee moved in with the intention of remaining a caregiver the whole time though, and she eventually managed to take over the family’s business and financial matters. She began her process of swindling money from the family business long before Raines Sr. passed away in February of 2011.

The Lee family was even able to pull Raines Jr. into their illegal affairs by convincing him to tell people that he had married a British immigrant named “Mary Marks” in order for her to be allowed to stay in the country, and that they had a baby together.

This “Marks” woman turned out to be Porsha Lee in disguise and they were not actually married. Porsha wore heavy makeup, a wig, and faked a British accent to play the part.

The “baby” that her and Raines Jr. supposedly had together was actually the son of another one of Rachel Lee’s daughter that she “let them borrow” so that Raines Jr. could think he was his.

The indictment states that under the guise of being Raines’ wife, Porsha Lee arranged the sale of at least four different plots of land worth millions of dollars; dollars that went straight into bank accounts controlled by Rachel Lee.

With access and control of all of this money, Rachel Lee and her boyfriend were living the high life. They bought luxury cars and travelled extensively. They even went so far as to purchase a 2012 Bentley and personalized the license plate to say “MRBIG” and a 2012 Ferrari with a personalized plate that read “MRBIG1”.

Donna Maddux is the Assistant U.S. Attorney and she stated that according to the plea agreement, Rachel Lee will be in prison anywhere from seven to nine years.

“The public documents speak for themselves,” said Maddux.

Though it does not provide specific details, a court record shows that 24-year-old Porsha Lee accepted a plea agreement but there has not been a date scheduled for the plea hearing yet.

Attorneys for either of the Lee women have not been available for comment.


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