Psychic William Becker Hosts Psychic Abilities Class At Historic Haunted Museum

Posted October 21, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News

Have you ever been minding your own business and out of nowhere you get struck with an odd feeling and the hair on the back of your neck stands up?

Have you ever visited the Lewis County Historical Museum and walked into a random cold spot?

I’m not saying it for sure was this but I’m also not saying that it wasn’t you coming into contact with one of the many spirits that are believed to live there by paranormal investigators.

William Becker is a psychic who runs a business called Paranormal Insights LLC. On October 17th he led a psychic development class at the museum where he taught the attendees all the basics in identifying and perfecting psychic abilities. The museum has long been believed to house paranormal activity so it was a wonderful place for Becker to hold his class.

“If you hit a cold spot, the first thing you do is see if you’re under an air vent,” he says. He also tells the class not to “assume their wrong”.

He states that many times, that unsettling, strange feeling we get means that we have come across something that we cannot see.

Along with members of South Sound Paranormal Research, Becker has been studying the paranormal activity at the museum for several years now. His class this past weekend wasn’t about capturing and examining the activity though, it was about identifying and paying attention to it, in a psychic sense.

“I think everybody’s psychic, we just happen to live in a society that squashes it,” says Becker.

Museum Director Andy Skinner says that the museum hosts a class or lecture about the paranormal activity that goes on there about every six months.

To begin the class, Becker gave the students some basic tips for sharpening their psychic abilities. The first tip he gave them was to “ground and center” themselves first and foremost. He said that if you are ever having a psychic experience and it is scaring you, you can also use this technique to calm yourself down.

“Everybody has their own instruction manual. My job is to teach you how to read your own manual,” he says. “I want to give you the foundations so you can keep growing on your own.”

He also taught the class about how important it is to know how to ‘shield’ and ‘filter’ during psychic experiences. Shielding is where you create a mental protection for yourself against spirits and filtering is where you pick and choose which spirits to have psychic contact with, to protect yourself from seeing or hearing something you aren’t ready or looking for.

Becker stressed that it is important that the atmosphere where you will be practicing be very respectful. He does not feel it is important to ‘spiritually cleanse’ an area beforehand, and he himself does not practice that.

“I teach in places where there’s nothing nasty,” he tells his students. He also tells them that they may however come in contact with a bad-tempered spirit every now and then but it’s nothing to worry about. “I haven’t come across anything I believe to be pure evil or demonic. I haven’t come across anything I believe to be pure good.”

After Becker gave the class basic instructions, he allowed them go off on their own and investigate the museum using the tips and techniques he taught them about identifying and differentiating true psychic events from one’s imagination. The students were also granted access to the loft and attic areas of the museum, which are long believed to be major areas of paranormal activity.

Karen Frazier is also a psychic, and a regular volunteer at the museum. She has been developing and perfecting her psychic abilities for years and thanks to that she is now able to see and communicate with the museum spirits.

She states that thee are several spirits that call the museum their home, including “Tom” a man in a cowboy hate, three children, and a mannequin who moves around on his own from time to time named Clarence.

“This is our home,” she says. “We have investigated this museum for seven years. We’re very familiar with what’s here.”

Frazier feels that a lot of the objects housed in the museum still have a lot of energy from their previous owners, especially the Native American artifacts that are especially powerful.

Both skeptics and believers alike attended Becker’s class that night.

A number of them were just curious minds that came with friends to see what it was all about it and some of them came with a feeling that they had some sort of psychic ability and wanted to expand it. A lot of them claim to have experienced paranormal incidents that night.

Frazier says that she can relate to the ones who decided to attend the class because of a feeling that they had psychic abilities; she was once that same way.

“I started calling it my spidey sense,” she says of the early signs she had of being a psychic.

Becker gathered all his students back in the room after letting them explore the museum and had a discussion with them about what they experienced. He also took them around the museum himself and showed them what he felt were psychic visions of a spirit.

Kasci Lawrence, a South Sound Paranormal Research member, knows that it takes a lot of patience and practice to identify when there is paranormal activity.

“Your skin almost electrifies. For me, the harder I try to concentrate, the less I get,” she says.

Skinner states that he used to be a skeptic until he had his first psychic experience. Now he is a full-fledged member of the SSPR and makes it his goal to document any and all evidence of paranormal activity at the museum.

“You get the feeling somebody’s looking at you. I got that feeling,” he says.

He states that he has seen the ghost of a man and later that same day he caught the ghost of a little girl playing with jacks on camera. He also recorded a strange beam of light that extended from the floor of the museum to the ceiling.

The three-hour long class ended with Becker warning his students to politely give thanks to the spirits at the museum for their time, and also told them that it is important they firmly tell the entities that they belong at the museum and must stay there.


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