Residents Of Senior Care Home Ripped Off By Psychic Patrick Doak

Posted June 2, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Patrick Doak

A high-profile psychic in Northern Ireland appeared in court last week to face fraud charges.

The psychic, Patrick Doak, is in fact one of the most famous psychics in Northern Ireland, and he operates the Centre of Angels complex in Belfast. His trial was held at the Laganside Crown Court.

50-year-old Doak was charged with seven different counts, among them false accounting and fraud.

During the course of the trial, the jury heard of how Doak allegedly committed the crimes while he was employed as the manager of the Owenvale Court residential home in Belfast that was run by St. John of God at the time.

This residential home is a facility for senior and elderly adults who need special care and assisted living.

Bridgene Kelly, Doak’s sister, was also on trial with him.

Kelly is a 55-year-old spiritualist who lives in north Belfast. She is also being charged with false accounting and forgery.

Bridgene Kelly

Doak’s 55-year-old spiritualist sister Bridgene Kelly who was accused alongside Doak

The jury was made aware of the fact that Kelly used to work at the home alongside her brother.

According to court documents, the crimes allegedly took place between the years 2006 and 2010.

There are seven alleged victims and they were all residents of the home. The relatives of some of these victims were present in court to witness the trial first-hand last week.

Doak’s arrest happened after someone filed a complaint against him in 2012 with the police.

As part of the investigation, several financial documents were taken from Doak and Kelly.

He is being accused by prosecutors of having forged several money sheet documents that were in the names of the residents living in the home.

Doak allegedly ordered the staff of the home to “cook the books” when $1,700 was discovered to have been missing from a safe that held the residents’ money.

The jury heard from two previous employees who told them that on several occasions, Doak made them fill in the money sheet documents. These documents detailed cash deposits made by the residents’ family members to the residents.

The former employees maintained that more than once they refused to follow the psychic’s orders and did not change entries on the documents, as he needed them to so that he could hide the missing money.

The jury was told of how the money that was left to the residents by their friends and family were to be used for anything the residents needed, such as haircuts and newspapers.

The defense team for Doak contested the suggestion that he ever asked the employees to do anything dishonest for him.

Kelly’s defense also denied claims that she helped Doak disguise changes that were done to the financial paperwork.

Prosecutors accused her of destroying a money sheet which catalogued a particular residents’ finances and reproducing a new falsified one in its place.

On this particular financial document that Kelly is being accused of falsifying, a family member deposited $100 for one of the residents but Kelly allegedly destroyed that one and made a new one that showed the family member only left the resident $10.

The defense team suggested that the staff member who came forward and turned Doak in did so simply because she “didn’t like” him and therefore made up lies about him.

Doak and his sister both deny that they did anything wrong or illegal.

Aside from being one of the most sought after psychics in Northern Ireland, Doak is also the president of the International Spiritualist Union and the leader of his very own Spiritualist Church.

The trial is expected to last about a week.

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