Sally Morgan, Princess Diana’s Favorite Psychic, Targeted By Scammers Who Are Making Thousands Of Dollars By Impersonating Her Online

Posted September 7, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sally Morgan

World-renown television psychic Sally Morgan has spoken about how some fraudsters have targeted her and have been making thousands of dollars off of her by impersonating her online.

Scam artists have been using the psychic’s name and offering psychic readings to her clients. Some of her clients have had their bank accounts completely drained in the horrible scam.

Princess Diana’s favorite psychic had to become her own detective and she believes she tracked down the person who is behind all of this.

Morgan said the crooks made up dozens of fake Facebook profiles in her name and contacted her clients and fans and offered them private readings.

They have targeted fans that have actively interacted with Morgan on her actual Facebook page that has 200,000 followers.

Once the scammers receive the payments, which range between £20 and £30, they simply block the victims and move on to the next person.

Some of her fans have told her that they gave all their bank details to the impersonators and were wiped completely clean of their funds.

Morgan’s team did their own investigating and narrowed it down to the person behind all of this and even got an address and other details about him and gave them to Cleveland Police back in March.

However, she claims that the police have refused to do anything about it.

The 64-year-old psychic from England said, “The police don’t seem to be taking it seriously just because it’s happening on the Internet. If someone stole my purse on the street, I feel they’d be less dismissive. We’ve handed the police everything we know but they just don’t seem to care.”

“Many of the people losing money are vulnerable people who have lost loved ones. I have worked very had for a number of years to build my reputation and this fraudster is being allowed to destroy it.”

One of the victims of this scam who lost £30 to it said, “ I went to the police station to make a crime report but they didn’t take it very seriously. The police officer who took my statement told me they did not know much about Facebook or computers.”

“I got the impression they don’t take online crime very seriously or know how to deal with it. As soon as I handed the money over for the private reading, the fake Sally Morgan just blocked me on Facebook. There was nothing I could do.”

Morgan, who began having psychic experiences as a child, has appeared in a long line of television shows and is well known in her career field.

She has been several television shows and has authored several books on the subject.

A spokesman for Cleveland Police did confirm that they investigated the case, but they closed it since no victims came forward.


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