Sally Morgan, Princess Diana’s Psychic, Now Living In Fear After Death Threats

Posted February 5, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sally Morgan

After being accused of tricking a theater audience several years ago, Sally Morgan sued the Daily Mail (read about it here) and won $190,000 in libel damages. The nightmare wasn’t over for Morgan just yet though; since then, she has been flooded with horrible messages and death threats.

The paper got a lot of people all riled up, telling them that Morgan was fooling them during her performance by wearing an earpiece that told her what to say to her audience, which allegedly included information about them.

Those claims turned out to be false however, and she took the case to the High Court, where they ruled that she did not “scam” her audience and won $190,000 in libel damages.

Even though she won the case and her name got cleared of any wrongdoing, Morgan (who used to be Princess Diana’s psychic) is still being threatened by people online. For this reason, she has had to hire extra security in her home.

“I got huge support from people in the street but the things online were horrific,” said Morgan.

“It was dreadful for my children. I got death threats. People called me a whore and said they wanted to behead me and put my head on a stake. I had people saying they were going to find me and stab me.”

“I had everything you can imagine. It was horrific. It was a torrent of filth,” she adds.

“I wish I didn’t need to have CCTV around my house but I have to now. Who wants to live like that? But that’s how I have to live. The police have been wonderful. I had one woman stalker and the police were amazing with her. It was dreadful for my children, I got death threats,” she states.

Even though the 62-year-old has been forced to beef up the security crew for her Surrey house, she and her husband refuse to hide themselves away.

“My name is Sally Morgan, I don’t use an alias, I live in Reigate, I walk down my high street, it’s not hard to find me if you want. But the people who gave me all the abuse are cowards- they did it anonymously,” she said.

Morgan, who has had her psychic gifts since she was a child, is about to embark on a sold old UK tour for the seventh time.

She also has a book titled My Heavenly Truth and in it, she discusses the decision she made to sue the paper that falsely accused her and therefore started all of this for her.

“The question I had to pose was ‘If these people are saying I am a fraud, then what are they saying about my childhood and my whole life?’ I wasn’t going to allow that. It touched on my whole being. I wasn’t going to let them get away with that,” Morgan says.


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