‘Sex Psychic’ Has Steamy Love Affair with 250-Year-Old Spirit

Posted May 27, 2014 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Sex psychic Adrien Blackwell

Adrien Blackwell is a 34-year-old psychic who has come forward and told the media about her sexual relationship with a spirit named Beta. According to Blackwell, Beta is a Native American chief who lived in the 19th century.

She states that her sexual experiences with Beta were unimaginably wonderful and more satisfying than having intercourse with a living being.

It’s pretty comical that she went on to say that sex with Beta was “out of this world”.

Blackwell didn’t mean that in a funny way though, she honestly feels that way. “It is like being on another planet, something much more than anything humanly possible,” she says.

She continues by saying, “My first experience was not scary, just strange. It felt new, but at the same time something that felt very old, as if I had done it before.”

“I remember Beta getting into the bed and holding me, but when I looked up no one was there.”

“Then I felt him get on top of me, like a warm blanket covering me from head to toe.”

“It was like having sex with our whole bodies- no part of my body was left untouched.”

This isn’t Blackwell’s first time having sex with a ghost though- she has actually been given the nickname ‘The Sexorcist’ due to the fact that she has been “rolling in the hay” with ghosts for about ten years. Blackwell is considered a ‘sex psychic’ because she specializes in helping clients with any sexual issues they are experiencing.

The act of having sexual intercourse with a spirit even has a name- Spectrophilia- and it is more common than you would think, with a large number of people stating that they have experienced the same thing at some point in their lives.

Blackwell says that in her experience as a sex psychic, she has seen a lot of people who have experienced this but have not spoken about it or admitted it to anyone because they are scared about being ridiculed and teased.

“Most of the people I talk to have great stories and love their experience of Spectrophilia,” she says.

“Unfortunately some are scary as it’s forced and unwelcome.”

“Many are reluctant to talk for fear of being ridiculed. That is why I share my story as it puts them at ease and they become excited to talk about their story with you or to get help.”

“Often that brings closure and stops the occurrences and sometimes you end up doing a type of exorcism or spiritual blessing to end it,” she added.

Thanks to her psychic abilities, Blackwell states that back in the 1800s, she and Beta were actually a married couple.

She also shared that her and Beta’s passionate sex sessions went on for about 30 minutes each time and that it has been happening for a little under a year. Blackwell decided it was not meant to be a long-term arrangement however so they called it quits and have ceased these sexual romps all together.

Though she states to have had a great time with Beta, Blackwell has decided that she is ready for a relationship with a live person and no longer wishes to engage with Beta now or in the future.


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