Television Psychic Lillyanne Accused Of Selling Identical ‘Letters From Heaven’ to Bereaved Customers In Scam

Posted February 17, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Psychic medium Lillyanne

A psychic who was paid by families grieving the loss of loved ones to contact them has been accused of scamming them.

A widely known medium named Lillyanne mailed out ‘letters from heaven’ that were exactly the same to dozens of mourning customers.

The Daily Record reported that one of her customers, Karen Brannigan, paid Lillyanne £38 to contact her deceased mother.

Shortly after she received a letter from the psychic, claiming that it was from her late mother. The letter reads as follows:

“Ok Karen
as your very beautiful mum bless her connects with me
the very first thing that she wants you know,
is that she loves you with all her heart and that she is with her mum, and not to worry, she got home safe,
she adores you love,
she says she will always be with you on the path of life,
right at your side to help comfort and guide you,
should you ever ever need it, she will be there,
she wants you to know too love that she is very proud of as she tells me that you have had a very hard time of late,
she mentions the yellow flowers too, as she says how very beautiful they are,
and the new decorating in the house looks so lovely too,
she loves the colors,
she says when you dream of her love,
she is visiting you in a sleep state, it’s her spirit,
and when you see the feathers as well,
its mum that’s been leaving them,
she hears you talk to her,
you was sat on your bed love not so long ago,
you was crying, you have pine in this bedroom, and a light carpet,
mum was sat there with you putting her arms around you,
she mentions a baby to come in the family and looks very forward to that as well,
she loves your hair and tells me your always messing with it,
mentions some ones getting their teeth whitened, and a tattoo she sees too,
she will be with you at church shortly as well,
and tells me September is significant as well as December,
she is in no pain, I feel cancer, or very similar took your beautiful mum, shes fine with the rest of your spirit family,
I will never ever leave you, I adore you,
All of you,
Many blessings to you. X”

Brannigan received very little comfort from this supposed ‘message from her mother’, and then she discovered that other of Lillyanne’s customers had received the same exact letter!

“I knew right away that something was wrong. It just didn’t ring true,” she says.

When Brannigan, 47, contacted Lillyanne, her representatives stated that this was caused by an administrative error. They said that one letter had been copied and sent to several customers on accident.

But Brannigan, whose mother passed away five months ago, is enraged and worried that Lillyanne will rip off a lot more unknowing people.

“Lillyanne is UK-wide, she has appeared on TV and has thousands of followers online. I had been following her on Facebook for about five months.”

“She did live readings where you could see people receiving them and she was getting a really good reaction. My mum passed away in September and I just got caught up in it. My husband thought I was mad but I just wanted to try it.”

It was then that Brannigan made the decision to contact Lillyanne on her Facebook page, which has over 150,000 followers, and made a payment for the supposed ‘letter from heaven’.

“A letter from heaven with Lillyanne is a mediumship reading” it says on her website.

“She will connect with her guides and the people who are coming through to you from Spirit to pass on messages from them that only you will know.”

Brannigan received her letter on a Sunday and quickly read it. In it she simply found vague mentions of how her mother loved her and a random bit about somebody having their teeth whitened.

“It said my mum liked yellow flowers. My mum hated flowers. There was nothing in it that stood out to me,” she says.

Brannigan began chatting online with a lady named Sue who told her she had also paid Lillyanne for a letter from heaven after losing her mother. Sue sent her letter to Brannigan and it was then that she found out the letters they received were identical except for a change of names and the ‘significant dates’ were different.

Brannigan says; “When she realized, she was really upset by it. Another woman from Rutherglen told me she had received a letter as well.”

“When Karen sent me her letter, it was identical,” said Sue, who asked to only be named by her first name.

“I didn’t know Karen before and wouldn’t have known anything about her if she hadn’t contacted me asking about the process of receiving the letters. It has caused a lot of distress,” she adds.

After the discovery, Brannigan attempted to contact Lillyanne on Facebook but realized she had blocked her from her page.

She then began receiving messages from the psychic’s admin manager, who also happens to be her son, Ashley Flay. He told her that a staff member had made an error, was fired over the mistake, and that he was sorry for what had happened.

The Record contacted Flay, and he replied that it was an “isolated incident” that had affected about 24 customers. He also claimed that Lillyanne was absolutely “devastated” by the error.

“Lillyanne prepares the readings and sends them on to our admin team. One of the admins has lost a whole batch of readings. She has sent the wrong thing to what I’ve found is around 24 people now. Her contract has been terminated,” he said

“We’ve contacted the customers affected by it. It can be quite distressing, given the situation. I’m horrified. We were oblivious to what was going on behind our backs. I fully understand the distress it has caused,” he added.

Karen and Sue were both offered a refund as well as a free telephone reading, worth about £50, for their anguish.

51-year-old Lillyanne, whose real name is actually Paula Bairstow, is based in Leeds, England and claims that she has seen spirits since she was a young child.

She states that she has been a professional medium for over 30 years, giving readings for clients around the world, and has worked with over 30 celebrities.

She appeared on a show called “My Psychic Life” in November of 2015 where viewers saw her host a live séance.



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