Thomas John, Celebrity Psychic, Shares His Predictions For the Oscars

Posted February 19, 2015 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Thomas John

Psychic Thomas John, also known as the Manhattan Medium and Celebrity Psychic, shared his Oscars predictions with LA.COM recently.

He covered everything from who will win what and what they will be wearing.

So, what will the stars be wearing?

He sees Oprah wearing the color fuchsia or purple.

He predicts Eddie Redmayne kissing his wife on the red carpet during an interview and wearing a silver outfit.

Looking stunning in color and presenting an award is Jared Leto in his visions.

He foresees Emma Stone wearing something light blue colored.

“I see Julianne Moore going with something flapper-esque; sequins, et cetera. I feel she’ll pull something from Tom Ford and I see her being one of the best dressed on the carpet,” he says.

He envisions Rosamund Pike wearing a very revealing Armani dress.

Marion Cottilard will get mixed reviews for her black Dior dress she’ll choose to wear.

He envisions Bradley Cooper wearing velvet and looking very good in it, but unfortunately he won’t be winning his award.

He predicts that Reese Witherspoon’s gown will be very bland and form fitting but it will not look too goo and will be disappointing.

Meryl Streep will remember Oscar De La Renta by wearing one of his gowns.

He envisions Laura Dern in a beautiful, deep red color.

He predicts that Keira Knightley will redeem herself from the gown covered in moths that she wore at the Golden Globes by wearing a beautiful Chanel piece.

His predictions for the awards:

Boyhood for Best Picture

Julianne Moore for Best Actress

Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actress

Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor

J.K. Simmons for Best Supporting Actor

He foresees Patricia Arquette willing for “Boyhood” and giving a very heartfelt speech but it may get cut off prematurely. He also sees her bringing a very interesting date to the show.

John doesn’t see American Sniper winning a lot of awards at the Oscars.

He has visions of a male presenter with dark hair giving an introduction while drunk and tripping on the stage.

During the course of the show, the scandal with Sony will be mentioned a couple of times but they will not be the highlight of the show.

He predicts that as a host Neil Patrick Harris is going to do a spectacular job. Instead of entertaining at the cost of other people by poking fun at other people, he will have more production value and slapstick humor, with dancing and singing.

He says to get ready for a lot of “Gone Girl” jokes and that there will be a drag queen involved in this years show.

He feels that the “In Memory” video will snub somebody well known, Joan Rivers maybe?

Aside from being a psychic medium, Thomas John is also an author thanks to his newly released book titled ‘Never Argue With A Dead Person’. In it, he shares stories from the other side, such as the unsolved murder case he helped solve with information he received from the spirit world, and the story of a young woman who wanted nothing more than to kill herself after losing her fiancé but who John was able to help thanks to conveying healing and comforting messages from her fiancé to her.

The book provides comfort and love because as John says, “death isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning.”


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