Two New Jersey Companies Along With Their Owner Sued In Psychic Fraud Operation And Ordered To Pay $45,000 In Restitutions

Posted June 28, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News
Iowa scam

Des Moines, Iowa- According to the Iowa attorney general, the owner of two New Jersey companies has been ordered to pay $45,000 to the state of Iowa and to Iowa customers in order to settle a lawsuit in which they were accused of soliciting elderly residents falsely for a fraudulent European psychic operation.

Per a statement that Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General, issued this week, both companies T. Clements & Associates and TCA Mailing Inc., as well as Timothy J. Clements- the owner of these companies- agreed to pay back the amount of $45,000 but refused to admit to any wrongdoing on their part.

Miller stated that as part of the settlement, both companies have been banned from “any role in sending future fraudulent solicitations to Iowans.”

The lawsuit that was filed in Polk County, Iowa last year accused Clements and his companies of assisting and enabling a Swiss company called Regency Direct Marketing AG to market, bill, and collect debt on a psychic scam operation.

“An initial mailing lured victims with promises of a free psychic analysis, followed by a series of letters with escalating threats, demanding payment for what had been offered for free,” said Miller. “Victims of this menacing conduct suffered both emotionally and financially.”

The lawsuit against Clements states that he allegedly tried to hinder the consumer fraud investigation by sending important documents overseas after they were subpoenaed by Miller’s office. This then made it to where the investigative team did not have access to them as needed.

In one of the many cases, an 85-year-old Iowan woman forwarded a letter she received at her home address that promised free psychic predictions which would result in her winning more than $1 million in lottery winnings, says Miller.

This woman fortunately alerted Iowa’s Consumer Protection Division instead of falling prey to the mailings. Miller says that she was rightfully concerned that these mailings were targeting the elderly.

In a different case, a woman of 69 years of age accepted the free psychic reading offer but soon after became the victim of threatening letters demanding payment for said free reading. She filed a complaint because they kept telling her that if she does not pay, a collection agency would “prosecute” her account.

Miller states that the $45,000 Clements has to pay back will be used to pay restitution to the Iowan residents who had money taken from them in the alleged scam, as well as to assist the state of Iowa to pay for enforcement of Iowa’s consumer protection laws from here forward.


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