Woman From Arizona Claiming Psychic Hypnotized Her And Conned Her Out Of Money, Psychic Fighting Back

Posted October 31, 2016 by Rosa Perez in Psychics In The News

Phoenix, AZ. – A mother from Phoenix Arizona is claiming that a supposed psychic hypnotized and conned her out of $1,400. The scamming psychic of course denied all the allegations when questioned by an investigation team with CBS 5 news group. This case is just one example of how difficult it can be for officials in law enforcement to conduct investigations when it comes to psychic scams.

In 2002, CBS News conducted a poll that showed that a majority of Americans, 57% of those who answered the survey, believe in psychic phenomena in one way or another. Just in Phoenix alone there are 139 psychic services available on Yelp but the number is more than likely higher due to the businesses that do not advertise online and whose clients do not review or rate them.

“She told me, ‘You have an evil in you, and I can help you,” said the victim who chose to remain unidentified. She said that one of the psychic’s clients referred her to this psychic on the west side of Phoenix.

“I had some personal issues, some financial issues. You know. And I was thinking to check what is going on in my life,” the woman said.

She says that everything felt as normal as it could be at first and that the psychic said the only payment needed would be whatever the client would like to donate for her services. The victim gave her $25 and then the psychic told her she would need to buy candles for a ritual that she needed to perform. This ritual involved a folded T-shirt with an egg inside of it.

Things were fine until the third visit when things started getting strange.

“I think maybe it was like hypnosis because I didn’t feel good. I was vomiting and I had a really bad headache. It took me two hours to realize what happened to me. How did I leave more than $1,000 there?” the woman asked herself.

After all was said and done, she ended up giving the psychic almost $1,500 and doesn’t understand how or why.

While fortunetelling is perfectly legal in most states, including Arizona, fortuneteller fraud is illegal. Fraud is defined by an organized “con” meant to take large amounts of money from clients. These cases are very hard to investigate and prosecute because it is hard to know at which point it becomes fraud versus payment for services. Psychics do have a First Amendment right to perform their services, set up their businesses, and charge money.

Jay Pirouznia is a private investigator that helps victims of scams and cons. He says that more often than not, police consider these cases civil matters and do not like to get involved in them. He also says, “there’s an element of shame involved in most victims who come to us”.

“You know, I willingly gave you this money. And you didn’t put a gun in my face and take my money at my ATM,” he says.

As part of a personal investigation, CBS 5 sent an employee to see the accused psychic and placed a hidden camera on them. A woman claiming to be the psychic’s daughter answered the door and stated that her mother was not home but that she could give readings as well.

“I see you have a long life to live,” she said while consulting a deck of tarot cards on the table.

“There’s one person who doesn’t want to see you good. Doesn’t want to see you happy,” she added. When the reading was over the CBS 5 employee gave her $25 and the psychic referred to it as a donation and didn’t ask for more money.

CBS 5 went back to the psychic’s home days later and this time the woman was there.

When they asked her about the $1,500 scam story, she replied; “I don’t know why she’s saying that.”

She told the news team that she has been in business for years and has a large number of regular clients. She describes what she does as “giving advice and selling lucky charms.” She denied taking any money except for small donations during visits from the woman who is accusing her of fraud.

“If she wants to talk to me, tell her to come. If she wants to take me to court, fine. But the thing is, she has to have a lot of proof because then I’m going to put charges on her. Because she is sayings things that are not true,” she stated.

The CBS 5 investigation team is withholding the identity of both the accuser and the psychic since as of yet, there has not been any proof of wrongdoing in this case.


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