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Gina Wilson

Psychic Arrested After Scamming A Military Veteran And A Widow Out Of $155,000 In Florida

Tarpon Springs, FL. – Detectives in Pinellas County arrested a supposed psychic from Tarpon Springs for allegedly scamming a grieving widow and military veteran out of $155,000. 31-year-old Gina Wilson was charged with scheme...

Murali Muthyalu

Police Charge Toronto Psychic With Witchcraft Charge After Conning Victim Out Of $101,000

A psychic in Toronto Canada has been charged by police with ‘pretending to practice witchcraft’ after he charged a customer over $100,000 to remove an “evil spirit” from them. According to investigators, the 37-year-old...

fake psychic reader

How To Easily Spot A Fake Psychic Reader

eal psychic readings are possible. Just ask anyone who has ever worked with an authentic psychic advisor. Once you see how accurate their readings can be, you won’t be asking yourself “are psychics real?” you will be aski...