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psychic detecives

Psychic Detectives

The majority of psychic’s who also work as detectives choose to work in the background and keep a pretty low profile while helping police officers on missing persons cases, as well as with identifying who the perpetrator is a...

Anna Raimondi

Connecticut Medium Opens Up And Speaks About Her Psychic Abilities

Wilton, Connecticut- Psychic Anna Raimondi has been experiencing her psychic gifts since she was a small child, even before she began having her own memories. “I was born to a very hardcore Roman Catholic family,” she tells...

Psychic abilities

Clairvoyant? ESP? What do the different gifts Psychics possess mean?

oing to a psychic can be exciting ad it can seem like magic. The way that they work is a mystery to most of us and we are all either envious or jealous of their powers. It can be a good idea to try and understand the world of a...