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Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan, Princess Diana’s Favorite Psychic, Targeted By Scammers Who Are Making Thousands Of Dollars By Impersonating Her Online

World-renown television psychic Sally Morgan has spoken about how some fraudsters have targeted her and have been making thousands of dollars off of her by impersonating her online. Scam artists have been using the psychic’s ...

Sally Morgan

‘I Don’t Mind Being Called A Witch’ Says Princess Diana’s Psychic, Sally Morgan

Although she is world famous for her psychic gift and is the star of the popular television show called Psychic Sally, not many people know too much about the psychic. She decided to share a little bit about her background and ...

Sally Morgan

Daily Mail To Pay British Psychic Sally Morgan $190k In Libel Damages After Accusing Her Of Being A Scam

The psychic accused by the Daily Mail has been awarded $190,650 in libel damages after they wrongfully accused her of wearing a hidden earpiece and using it to deceive a theater audience. Sally Morgan, who goes by the name “P...