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Psychic medium Lillyanne

Television Psychic Lillyanne Accused Of Selling Identical ‘Letters From Heaven’ to Bereaved Customers In Scam

A psychic who was paid by families grieving the loss of loved ones to contact them has been accused of scamming them. A widely known medium named Lillyanne mailed out ‘letters from heaven’ that were exactly the same to doze...

psychic scams

The Most Common Psychic Scams, Cons and Fraudulent Schemes

sychic scams are very much common these days, and they come in all of the psychic communication lines: live psychics, phone psychics and as well as chat psychics. A lot of people fall prey to these scams as they because they ha...

fake psychic reader

How To Easily Spot A Fake Psychic Reader

eal psychic readings are possible. Just ask anyone who has ever worked with an authentic psychic advisor. Once you see how accurate their readings can be, you won’t be asking yourself “are psychics real?” you will be aski...