The Ancient History Of Tarot Cards

Posted December 14, 2012 by Rosa Perez in Tarot Card Readings
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Psychic Tarot readings are performed using a tarot deck that is a collection cards with illustrations. During a tarot reading, a psychic uses the cards to see into the world of the client. Tarot readings and cards have been with us for thousands of years and many people are curious about their origin and power.  There are many tarot card decks in existence and each one has different combinations of cards. The tarot deck is designed to represent the wheel of life and is meant to.

Regardless of the deck used, different psychics might use a deck of tarot cards in different ways. The main uses for tarot cards fall into three categories, straight divination, Spell work (these decks are especially designed for spell work) and working the Tree of Life

Most people are familiar with the use of tarot cards for divination during a psychic tarot reading. A psychic will use the tarot cards to gain insight into the future through clues and signs given in the cards.

According to, tarot cards trace their history to the fifteenth century. The rules of the game of tarot were first recorded I the writing of Martiano da Tortona around 1425.  The game was non-mystical and appears in many variations. In the years since, tarot cards were adopted for mystical use by psychics. Even before this time, priests and gypsies were known to have used cards with pictures on them. The use of these earlier picture cards is less well known, but certainly was probably used for mystical purposes. Many sources indicate that Egyptians used tarot cards. Some anthropologists have suggested that Egyptian hieroglyphics were related to tarot cards, but other experts have disputed this notion.

Modern Tarot cards were refined by the Order of the Golden Dawn, a British organization founded in the eighteenth century. The order focused on mysticism and developed modern tarot decks for psychic tarot readings. The deck as defined by the order went on to be enhanced and changed through the years since. Among the most common and popular Tarot decks are the Rider-Waite-Smith deck bearing illustrated scenes on all the suit cards. The images were painted by Pamela Coleman-Smith and published in 1910. Other common tarot decks include the Universal Waite tarot deck, the Golden Tarot, the Aquarian Tarot Deck and the Golden Rider. Each of these has its own distinct features and might be used by a psychic to perform a psychic tarot reading.   

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