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‘Hollywood Medium’ Tyler Henry Gets His Own Psychic TV Show!

Man Stalks Psychic And Vandalizes His Office

Psychic Arrested After Scamming A Military Veteran And A Widow Out Of $155,000 In Florida

Police Charge Toronto Psychic With Witchcraft Charge After Conning Victim Out Of $101,000

Psychic In South Florida Accused Of Conning Woman Out Of More Than $30,000

Scammer Pretending To Be Psychic Sally Morgan On Facebook And Charging £1 0 For Readings Arrested And Charged

Woman In Virginia Gets Conned Out Of $4,000 By Phony Psychic

Psychic Medium Cathy Towle ‘Cleanses’ Spirits Out Of Haunted Houses In Brooklyn, NY.

Massachusetts Psychic Kelle Sutliff Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidential Win At Beginning Of Year

Psychic Cynthia Faye Uses Her Gift To Predict Next President

Woman From Arizona Claiming Psychic Hypnotized Her And Conned Her Out Of Money, Psychic Fighting Back

Michigan psychic Empowers Clients With Her Gifts

Michigan Medium Jessica Linderman Helps Others With Her Gift

Sally Morgan, Princess Diana’s Favorite Psychic, Targeted By Scammers Who Are Making Thousands Of Dollars By Impersonating Her Online

Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony On Tour Explaining How Quantum Physics Is On Brink Of Proving The Existence Of The Afterlife

“My Hands Were Shaking” Says News Anchor Matt Lauer After His Emotional Psychic Reading With Hollywood Psychic Medium Tyler Henry

Psychic Detective Troy Griffin Uses His Gift To Help The FBI Solve Cold Cases

Illinois Psychic Georgina Adams Takes Over Family Fortunetelling Business

Animal Psychic Ursela Rabe Is Awarded Top International Honors

Prediction Made By Psychic During Psychic Reading Leads To Arrest Of Man Who Sexually Abused Seven Children

Two New Jersey Companies Along With Their Owner Sued In Psychic Fraud Operation And Ordered To Pay $45,000 In Restitutions

Lana Del Rey’s Psychic Friend, Medium Fleur, Is Known For Translating Messages For The Dead

Another Victim Of ‘Psychics’ Gina Lee And Anthony Davis Comes Forward In Scamming Case Stating They Took More Than $200,000 From Him

Psychic Dougall Fraser Describes What He Experiences When He Sees People’s Energy

Psychic Dougall Fraser Says That Asking Yourself This One Major Question Will Help In Finding Your Soul Mate

Psychic Steve Albert Called In By Friends Of Missing Man In Hopes That He Can Find Him

Two Self-Proclaimed Psychics Arrested In Lompoc California On Psychic Scam Charges

Couple Who Got Lucky Lottery Numbers From Psychic Reading 20 Years Ago Just Won Over $500,000 With Those Numbers

Fraudulent Psychic Avoids Jail Time By Paying Back $40,000 Restitution

Former Magazine Employee Says A Psychic Predicted She Would Write A Novel And It Came True

Psychic Predicted A Grandmother’s Jackpot Win During Consult To Contact Deceased Father

Psychic Lillyanne Being Accused Of Being A ‘Fraud’ For Sending Identical ‘Letters From Heaven’ To Grieving Customers Claims She Is The Victim Of Blackmail

Television Psychic Lillyanne Accused Of Selling Identical ‘Letters From Heaven’ to Bereaved Customers In Scam

Boston Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff Predicts Next President-Elect Will Be Donald Trump

Heiress To The Lacoste Fashion Line Scammed By Psychic Out Of $200,000

Psychic Tips Off Police Which Results In Arrest Of Two Wanted Thieves

Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Claims To Have Made Contact With Robert Kardashian On Latest Episode Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Clairvoyant Cathy Meriaux Helps People Connect With Their Past And Future

Massachusetts State Representative Thomas J. Calter Re-Election Fundraiser To Include Spirit Medium Marybeth Sheehan As Special Guest

Psychic Carolyn Lee Talks About Her Ability To See And Speak To Spirits, Says Sometimes They Scare A Scream Out Of Her

Psychic William Becker Hosts Psychic Abilities Class At Historic Haunted Museum

According To California Psychic Medium Bill Phillip’s, Donald Trump Will Not Be Next President

Fraudulent ‘Psychic’ Brother And Sister Team Facing Trial After Scamming Elderly Woman In Philadelphia Out Of More Than $20,000

Psychic Detectives

Fraudulent Psychic Tracey Nicholas Could Face Jail Time For Scamming Man Out Of $185,000

Psychic Detective Volunteers Her Services To Help Family Search For Missing Woman With Dementia

Penn State University Student Turned Psychic Talks About Her New Reality TV Show- Monica The Medium- As Well As Her Catholic Faith

Hollywood Star Julia Roberts Consulting With Psychic With The Hopes Of Communicating With Half Sister Nancy Motes

Oscar The Psychic Cat Seeks Out Dying Patients At Nursing Home And Comforts Them During Their Final Moments

Connecticut Medium Opens Up And Speaks About Her Psychic Abilities

Colorado ‘Psychic’ Couple Scam Woman Out Of $37,000

Thomas John, Celebrity Psychic, Shares His Predictions For the Oscars

New Arrest Made In Infamous Vietnam Psychic Scam

Animal Psychics Help Connect Pet Owners Understand And Connect With Their Pets

Psychic Gerard Senehi Hired By School In The Bronx To Build Self-Esteem Of Students

Psychic Source’s Experienced Psychics Give 2015 World Predictions

Clairvoyant Who Used To Be A Bodybuilder Jailed For 14 Years For Child Abuse

Psychic Medium Dawn Friendly Urged By Psychic John Holland And Friends To Pursue Her Calling

Psychic Medium Sunny Dawn Johnston Conducts Afterlife Study

‘I Don’t Mind Being Called A Witch’ Says Princess Diana’s Psychic, Sally Morgan

Psychic Who Scammed Millions Of Dollars From Oregon Tree Farm Heir Pleads Guilty

Mental Message Sent And Received 4,000 Miles Across The Atlantic In ‘Telepathy’ Test

Mary Todd Lincoln, President Abraham Lincoln’s Widow Often Spoke To Milwaukee Psychic

Psychic Medium Who Solves Cold Cases Gets Her Own Television Show

Billy Bob Thornton Shares What It Was Like Having A Psychic Mother

Oregon Psychic Who Allegedly Swindled Millions Of Dollars From Gaston Tree Farm Heir, Rachel Lee, Allowed To Stay At Halfway House

Kim Kardashian Consults Her Psychic About Khloe Kardashian’s Parental Future

Psychic Medium Carmel Baird Of ‘Mom’s A Medium’ Television Show States, ‘I did not want to be a medium’

Property Seized From A Psychic Business Called ‘Readings By Catherine’ In Albemarle, Virginia

Psychic Inspires ‘My Girl’ Actress Ana Chlumsky To Get Back Into Acting

Residents Of Senior Care Home Ripped Off By Psychic Patrick Doak

Australian Pet Psychic Heals Animals Using Crystals

‘Sex Psychic’ Has Steamy Love Affair with 250-Year-Old Spirit

Heir of Gaston Tree Farm Swindled Out Of More Than $12 Million Family Fortune By Psychic

Former English Model Katie Price Consults Psychic For Marriage Advice

Psychic Medium Lisa Williams Connects With Spirits Who Have Passed, Gives Prediction On Missing Malaysian Flight MH370

Psychic Four-Year-Old Boy Makes Accurate Predictions; Real Life Version Of Cole Sear From ‘The Sixth Sense’ Movie

Psychic John Edward Helps People Find Closure From Grieving

International Psychic Gets Advanced Warning For Accidents, Helps Others As Well

Psychic Medium Angelina Diana Teaches Others How to Tap Into Their Psychic Abilities

Sally Morgan, Princess Diana’s Psychic, Now Living In Fear After Death Threats

Manhunt Over For Psychic Who Scammed More than $120,000 From Victim

Victim Bilked Out Of More Than $120,000 From Wood-Ridge Psychic

Psychic Manatees Hugh And Buffett Predict Winner Of Super Bowl XL VIII

Brazilian Psychic Predicts That Germany Will Be Victors In 2014 World Cup

‘Psychic’ Dog Daisy Predicts Accidents Before They Happen, Saves Owner From Danger Twice Now

Psychic That Was Punched By Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Scams Woman Out Of Her Home

Fans Attempt To Contact Houdini’s Ghost For The 90th Halloween In A Row

‘Psychic’ Bus Driver Fired For Leaving Schoolchildren On The Road Because Of A Bad Premonition He Had

Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Mitchell Lied To Friend About Having Cancer Then Disappeared Owing Thousands Of Dollars In Debt

Psychic Sandy Ingham Uses “Da Vinci Code” To Reach The Other Side

California Woman Sues Her Psychic For $11k Love Curse Scam

Daily Mail To Pay British Psychic Sally Morgan $190k In Libel Damages After Accusing Her Of Being A Scam

Fraudulent Clairvoyant Used “Black Magic” To Scam Gamblers Out Of More Than $217,000 In Cash And Jewelry

Psychic Couple Accused Of Stealing $238k From Clients To “Banish Evil Spirits”

Police Search For Trio Of Asian Scam-Artist Women

Medway Psychic Says She Uses Her Gifts To Help Families That Have Lost Loved Ones

Manchester Psychic Jailed For Giving An Illegal Tarot Card Reading

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